Sagamihara [相模原]

5. Sagamihara [相模原]

Located in the North West section of Kanagawa prefecture, the city of Sagamihara is a site to behold. The third most populous city in Kanagawa, the rise of Sagamihara as a city has been closely tied with Yokohama and Tokyo. As such, it is a fully urban city, yet is proud of its natural beauty that surrounds the city.

            The splendours of the outdoors are heavily emphasized within this city. While there are many interesting tourist destinations within Sagamihara, three of the most famous are the Sagamihara Prefectural Park, the Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest, and Lake Shiroyama. The first of these attractions, Sagamihara Prefectural Park offers visitors beautiful seasonal flower gardens and an expansive park to walk through. For tourists travelling with children, Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest is an amazing amusement park for all ages. The theme park tries to promote a oneness with nature, and so outdoor sports and activities are prominent throughout the amusement park and is a great way to exercise and have a great time. Lake Shiroyama is famous for its calm and peaceful hiking trails and is a perfect way to spend a quiet day in nature.

There is not a lack for good food within Sagamihara as well. Blending Western and Japanese tastes, Saint Mark Craftsmanship is a renowned restaurant known for its excellent fresh bread, good service, and relatively cheap fine dining. Kafe Koretto is a famous café with good cakes and superb coffee; a perfect way to relax after spending time within the nature of Sagamihara. If one was so inclined to dine on Japanese cuisine, Fuji Odakyusagamihara has cheap, yet flavourful and delicious ramen and is a favourite of the residents of Sagamihara.