Miura [三浦]・Hayama [葉山]・Yokosuka [横須賀]

1. Miura [三浦]

            An integral part of Japan is its relationship to the ocean, and one can see that synthesis with the sea and the harmony Japan purports with nature no better than in the city of Miura. At the southernmost tip of Kanagawa prefecture, Miura is well known for its fishing and harbours, attracting fishing enthusiasts and lovers of the sea alike. For tourist attraction, the renowned Misaki Port is a popular destination for every one of all ages. The harbour is known for its high quality tuna. The shops around the port have interesting spins on traditional dishes involving tuna, such as “Tuna Soba” and “Tuna-dumplings”. The Jogashima Island is another popular tourist destination. It is known for its soothing and peaceful scenery. On Jogashima Island is the famous Jogashima Lighthouse, the 2nd oldest lighthouse surviving (built in 1870.) If one is travelling with children, the Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park is an aquarium that hosts an impressive collection of marine animals. The dolphin and seal shows are spectacular to watch, and is wholesome fun for the entire family.

          Japan in known for its seafood, and the city of Miura is a fine example of the sort of seafood delicacies one can taste. Hayama-tei is a quaint Japanese restaurant that has a stunning view of the ocean. Sakinoya is a sushi shop that specializes in maguro (tuna) that is fished from around the area. For the more romantically inclined, Jizakanariyorinatsuna is a perfect date spot serving seafood with a great view of the harbour.  


2. Hayama Town  [葉山町]  

Hayama town is a famous seaside resort located in Miura Peninsula, Kanagawa. The town has established itself as a stylish and up market location, with many Japanese celebrities owning homes and summer villas in the area.

Hayama is renowned for its Marina, one of Japan’s most popular yacht harbours. So if you are a keen marine sports-man this town is the perfect place to visit.

If you do not sail, you can swim, or enjoy the sun at the Morito Beach. The town also has a host of magnificent views, of the picturesque island of Enoshima and the iconic Mount Fujii.

This town has a history of promoting culture and the arts with its annual Hayama Arts Festival held in May. The Prefectural Modern Art Museum is also located in Hayama, and each month they organise a variety of foreign and home grown artists’ exhibitions. The museum is exhibits oil paintings, sculptures, water colours, and other exquisite art works.

If you are hungry, this town will not let you down. The resource-rich Sagami Bay supplies local restaurants with fresh fish and the Peninsula is home to the rich and tender Hayama beef, a local brand of beef.

So come and visit and enjoy the vibrant town of Hayama!

1.  Yokosuka [横須賀]

Yokosuka is the 12th most populated city in the Kanto region and is home to the United States Navy Base.  Yokosuka was the first area to influence Western culture after its prolonged isolation policy when Commodore Matthew Perry and his Black Ships were seen off the coast of southern Yokosuka.  Being a home to a Navy base, Yokosuka still exhibits unique qualities that make a destination for many tourists.

Due to Yokosuka’s military background, one of the most popular exhibits is the Misakasa Battleship.  The Misakasa Battleship is Admiral Tojo’s flagship used in the legendary Battle of Tsushima during the Russo-Japanese War and has been furnished into a museum of Japan’s military past.  Filled with pamphlets written in Japanese and in English and actors dressed like the members of the original crew, this unique historical memorial is a learning experience for most people.

Another recommended area is the blue street, the nightlife center of Yokosuka.  Made by a mixture of blue stones mixed with the conventional black stones, the blue street is a home to numerous Western styled bars and restaurants.  Popular with both the locals and the members of the US Naval Base, the bars are lively areas that can help alleviate the homesickness for many people.  This is definitely a place to visit for all tourists in the area.