Hiroe Ruby Makiyama’s Profile

Hiroe Ruby Makiyama’s Profile (Maiden Name: Otomi)

Board Member of the Special Committee on Disasters, Member of the Budget Committee, Member of the Health, Welfare and Labour Committee, Member of the Research Committee on National Life, Economy and Social Security, Member of the Judge Indictment Committee


1964:Born on September 1964 (Libra, blood type “O”) in Tokyo Japan. 

1987: Graduated International Christian University B.A. major Communications
Director of a daily news and entertainment TV show “Morning Eye”, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, a national TV network) .
1991: Graduated Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Juris Doctor).
1993: Passed the American Bar Examination (New York and Connecticut)
1991-1993: Bingham McCutchen Murase (New York, U.S.A.)
1993-2005: Legal offices of Shochiku Co. Ltd., Warner Brothers, PolyGram (Universal Music) and Sony Pictures Entertainment.
2005: Lost Upper Election (by-election) against Yoriko Kawaguchi, Former Minster of Foreign Affairs (despite winning 765,589 votes)
2007: Elected as a Member of the House of Councillors (Kanagawa-prefecture) The National Diet of Japan.

Mother of two children
Favorite Food:  Besides Yakitori, Natto, Okura, Japanese Yam, Mochi (Anything sticky (“nebarizuyoi”) meaning “perseverance” in Japanese
Hobby:  Jogging, Swimming, and Karaoke
Respecter: Sadako Ogata, and Hillary Clinton
Favorite Color: Green and White
Family: Husband, son and daughter
Personal Motto: Everyday is a beginning