Supporters Wanted !

Supporters Wanted !

→ What is a “Supporter”?
→ What is “Hiroe Makiyama Supporters’ Club”?
→ What is “Bulletin Board Installation”?
→ Who are “Volunteers”?
→ About “introducing us to your family and friends”



Please support Hiroe Makiyama !

What is a “Supporter” ?

- Anybody below 18 years old is eligible to become a Supporter. Overseas Japanese citizens and foreign residents in Japan are eligible as well.
- Annual membership fee of 2000 yen is valid for a year.
- Supporters have the right to vote in the Party Representative Election and attend lectures, study sessions, and events hosted by the party.
What is a “Party Member” ?

- Anybody at or above 18 years old who agrees with the fundamental principles and policies of Democratic Party Of Japan (DPJ) is eligible to become a Party Member.
- Annual membership fee of 6000 Yen is valid for one year.
- A Party Member becomes a member of DPJ’s Regional Office each represented by a National Diet Member.
- Party Members are able to participate in DPJ’s operation, activity, and policy making.
- Party Members have the right to vote in the Party Representative Election.

Participation in the DPJ Representative Election
- Supporters and Party Members may participate by postal ballot whenever there is an election. Party Member or Supporter status must be obtained by May 31th in the year the election is held.  


Hiroe Makiyama Supporters’ Club

Anybody who agrees with Hiroe Makiyama’s policies and is willing to make a change and participate in politics is eligible to become a Supporter.  We will e-mail notices of events and newsletters to those who have registered.  Registration is free of charge so please join us!

For those who can make a donation (minimum of 500 yen) for Hiroe Makiyama Supporters’ Club operation, please remit your donation to (please make sure to print out the remittance record in lieu of receipt):

横浜銀行 元町支店 普通口座 1636901
口座名義 マキヤマヒロエコウエンカイ

Bank of Yokohama
Motomachi Branch
Regular Checking Account 1636901
Account Name マキヤマヒロエコウエンカイ
“Volunteers” Wanted!

Hiroe Makiyama’s office is seeking for volunteers who can work even for a hour or two.  Won’t you join us?

Examples of work:
Distributing newsletters in the neighborhood
Putting up posters
Handing out newsletters
Offering space to put up our bulletin board
Helping office work


For those interested, please feel free to call us:
2nd Floor Sun Building Tokiwacho Naka-ku Yokohama-shi 231-0014